Further, we bring boa’s, hats, blow up guitars, funky glasses, and wigs - incredible fun! We suggest you bring your camera because your guests are going to create memories you will never want to forget. 

        "Our clients love our karaoke nights and the fun and life it brings to their special events"

​                                                                                                                     DJ Tommy Pursel

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                                          Jamrock  Karaoke of Las Vegas 

Everyone loves Karaoke! We will provide the DJ/KJ and all the essential karaoke party  supplies, karaoke machine/laptop computer, several microphones, and over 100,000 of your favorite songs! We provide your guests the songbooks so they can easily browse through our song catalogue and find the songs they love.

We also provide a spotlight for the singer(s), and set up staging with sparkling curtains so your guests can come through  the curtains as if they are ‘big stars’ and ready to perform as a professional singer.   We will have our applause effect on for when each signer arrives ‘on stage’ and after the song is completed. The whole idea with Karaoke is to have fun and get everyone involved and sing at least one song.  To warm up the crowd, we usually will have groups start the karaoke off to such songs as the YMCA, Grease Lightning, Old time Rock n Roll, I will survive, etc.  This makes it easier for individuals to sing later.

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